Are you there God... or Alien Space Lord...?
It's me Dusty.

Ever since a young age, I have been drawn to spirituality and religion. It boggled my mind that something that happened thousands of years ago would still have such a large impart on the human population as a whole. 

I was raised in a household that wasn't too keen on organized religion. That didn't mean that a great sense of importance wasn't placed on the topic. 

My mother would struggle to explain to me the idea of a man God made to get murdered in a gruesome way so that we could be forgiven. I would get chills and have nightmares about bloody Jesus. 

My father would take us into the woods and tell us to be grateful to God for blessing us with the beauty around us. He found a great sense of spiritualism in nature that he passed to my brothers and I. It's something that I still carry with me today and is more important now than ever. 

I got my very first glimpse of organized religion from a school friend in kindergarten, and boy oh boy was it an experience. A Pentecostal church that seemed to inhabit a place lost in time. A much, much older time. 

As I grew, I saw learned more about religion. Of course a lot of Christianity. 9/11 gave me my first glimpse into Islam.

I went to a high school that had a body of students that spoke over 50 languages. It makes for an interesting mix of culture.

It was there my thirst to learn more about religion lead me to reading about every world belief I could get my hands on. 

What I write about here is the culmination and what I like to call the "Religious Gumbo" of things that I have learned. 

Welcome to the holy place in my Temple of Nonsense.