Where there is life, there is music


“Miracles and Mistakes” and “Guru of Nonsense”
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Dusty Good Music is:
Dusty Good: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Piano
Sky Robin: Guitar, Vocals, Piano

Oh, Hello.

Welcome to the hallowed grounds of the internet. The home to the Guru of Nonsense and our band of misfits and wonders!

Some say my songs are sad. I say that life is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel.

What does that mean for me? As someone who lives life in duality, it means a great deal.

I find myself both laughing and crying in similar circumstances. The anger and embrace. The love and hate. The seen and unseen. In-between all those things, I believe, lies the truth.

An artist job is to tell their story, their truth. My story is one that is made up of a long journey, seen through many lenses, mentored by opposing view points, sailed around the world.

Sometimes, I like to write poetry, or stories, or ideas. I’d love to share them with you! So I take the time to make some post. Life can’t be ALL music… just 90%.

Check out our Facebook for some videos and events, check out our Instagram to see our pets, check out my Twitter to see me (mostly) complain about wrestling, and shoot me an email if you want me to come sing, talk, or tell me a story!

So, take some time to enjoy the sound of life.

 All content shared reflect a parody of physical existence